Personalise Your Print

It is said 'history is created by the things we leave behind'


Fish Art Gallery can transform your print gift in to something truly unique and special with the inclusion of a short custom-made personalised message, for example;


                                                                         " To David With Love Victoria - 2013 "   


or similar, you get the idea.


This special offer is popular with feedback reporting that recipients, regardless of age, receiving a quality gift with a personal reference to them or special occasion, was of equal or more importance than the gift itself.
Fish Art Gallery archival and heirloom quality montages have a stylish yet discrete title positioned at the centre/top of the artwork.

This is where the artwork carries its name, artist credit and date information etc.


For print to order, open edition prints, we offer a personalisation service on selected montage artworks.


To make your artwork more special and truly unique to yourself or the recipient, on request we will sympathetically incorporate your short personal or business message into the title text.



Q. How much does this service add to the cost?   A. Nothing, no extra cost to you



Simply email us to discuss your specific requirements - thank you